Hawaii Saltwater Fishing

Hawaii saltwater fishing is also limited by quantity for some species. For example, aside from all the other regulations listed above for Moi in both size and season, there is also a daily bag limit of 15 on this species. Also, while it is legal to catch Ulua and Papio that are over 10 inches, they can only be sold if they are greater than 16 inches in length, and your total daily limit for both species is 20. The Weke, also known as the ‘Oama (which is considered too small to catch and keep by the Hawaii saltwater fishing regulations), is limited to a catch of 50 per day, which is probably one of the highest limits on any species in Hawaii. Saltwater fishing regulations also affect Ehu and Onaga, of which a total of 5 per day for both species is the limit (note that the Onaga also has a 1-pound weight minimum). This limit applies to non-commercial fishing.

Because the waters and their precious ecosystem are so important to maintaining the natural balance of the state and the ocean surrounding it, Hawaii saltwater fishing is heavily regulated. In order to assure that you do not violate any laws and regulations when taking a Hawaii saltwater fishing trip, it is highly recommended that you carry with you a manual with pictures of the species for identification, and even more highly suggested to hire a guide who is familiar with all the regulations already.

*Note: ‘Oama are the same species as Weke and are simply another way to identify members of the species that are under 7 inches in length.

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