Halibut Fishing

Kodiak, Alaska is one of the favorite places for halibut fishing. The fish here are large and plentiful, never leaving anglers disappointed with a dry or dull day. Not only are the halibut here huge in size, but there are so many of them that anglers never cease to return with their daily limits. Of course, taking the number one spot for the greatest halibut fishing spot in North America may be Dutch Harbor, located in Unalaska, Alaska. Here, you’ll find great fishing, as well as luxurious accommodations provided for the many anglers that choose to visit each year. Dutch Harbor is famous for halibut fishing, producing the largest, most, and easiest halibut of any fishing location. The IGFA record was set here, with a whopping 395-pounder being reeled in, to give you an idea of what’s available here.

Obviously, there are excellent places to go to find great halibut fishing, if you do your research and care to bundle up for cooler temperatures. If you happen to be in the northwestern territories of North America, you should get in touch with a guide and take a halibut fishing excursion; you’ll be surprised at what you find!

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