Give me a list of redfish lures that have shown the most success?

Give me a list of redfish lures that have shown the most success.

I have found several different artificial lures that work well for Redfish. As with fishing for any other species, it is often the presentation of the lure that matters more than the choice of lure. Used incorrectly even the best artificial lure is of little value. The DOA shrimp is an excellent lure that will catch just about any saltwater fish. It is especially good for Redfish because it works well while fishing the type of areas Redfish normally inhabit. When you fish for Redfish you will be primarily fishing grassy flats that are one to three foot deep. You can of course catch Redfish in other areas but the grass flats offer the best opportunity for this type of fishing. Remember when tying this artificial lure on your line to use a loop knot. This bait works best when allowed to freely move in the water mimicking a live shrimp. If you do not use a loop knot you will not have this effect and your offering may be ignored. The standard jig works well for Redfish as well. I do suggest a few options when fishing with this approach. First I like to use large jigs for a couple reasons. First it will keep snappers and other small fish away from your line. Secondly it will be more likely to draw a very large fish from its lair. I also like to use weight forward jigs with contrasting colors. If the head of the jig is light then I want a dark body and vice versa.

Daniel Eggertsen
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