Georgia Saltwater Fishing

The north end of Jekyll Island is probably the best place to concentrate on Georgia saltwater fishing for tripletails. They tend to move with the tide and are often found between two or three hundred yards and two miles from shore, being further away during the low tide. You may notice that this species has a strange habit – they like to float on their sides near the surface, making it appear much like a piece of debris or a black plastic trash bag floating on the surface if you can spot it from the boat.

To catch tripletails on a Georgia saltwater fishing trip, you’ll want to carry with you live shrimp or at least a 4-inch artificial shrimp bait. Spinning tackle will be the best option for you, and you’ll need to cast long. Again, a long rod of at least 7 ½ feet is the best choice, and you may want to use 30-pound braided test line to guarantee that it’s strong enough.

Georgia saltwater fishing is best in May but can be enjoyable throughout the year, if you know where to look for the saltwater species that are available to you. Next time you decide to make a Georgia saltwater fishing excursion, do a little research beforehand to assure that the experience will be fruitful.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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