Gear and baits to try when deep sea fishing in Georgia

Deep sea fishing in Georgia is a sport that many anglers love to take advantage of but it’s not for everyone. Before deciding to head out to the deeper parts of the ocean, take into consideration that the fish found out in the ocean are much larger than the ones found close to shore. This means that all of your gear and the bait you use must be larger in order to accommodate these species. You wouldn’t have a chance with regular gear. Therefore, the first thing a deep sea fisherman needs to do is choose his gear and then decide which type of baits to use.

It also means that you must be physically able to handle these fish once you get one hooked on the end of your line. Some of them are so large that it can take two or three men reeling them in and the use of a wrench before you can actually get them onboard. This does create a lot of excitement and makes the fishing trip one that you’ll never forget but it also gives your body quite a workout that not everyone can handle.

Deep sea fishing in Georgia can be mentally exhausting as well as physically exhausting. You’ll be spending long hours out in the ocean and this can take a toll on someone not use to this type of environment. You’ll need to have lots of patience because it may take all day or even a couple of days before you start getting bites, depending on which species you’re fishing for. Once you decide this is something you would like to try, the following information on gear and baits used for deep sea fishing can be very useful.

Deep Sea Fishing Gear

When deep sea fishing in Georgia the gear you choose can make a big difference. You’ll need some idea of which species you plan to fish for or at least some idea of what size fish you want to catch. This way you can make sure your gear is designed to handle the type of deep sea fishing you plan to do.

Some of the basic gear needed when fishing off the coast of Georgia includes downriggers and fishing rods designed for trolling the deep sea. This method is one of the fastest ways to find a great fishing spot because it allows you to cover a lot of ground fast. Both fishing rods and downriggers work great so you can use the one that suits you the best personally.

Aside from the basic gear there are a few things that you can try to see how they can improve your fishing experience. A wrench is one of these and it’s designed to help you get your catch from the water to inside the boat. With species this big, you need that extra help so you don’t have to strain your body. Every deep sea fisherman should try using spears and harpoons at least once to see how it feels to use these items.

A fighting belt is a nice piece of gear that can come in very handy. It’s designed to wrap around your waist to give you added leverage when reeling in these larger species. It may seem like a simple thing but a good sturdy pair of pliers can become your best friend when deep sea fishing. This is especially true when you’re trying to remove a hook from the jaws of a shark or some other species that can lock down their jaws.

Deep Sea Fishing Baits

Deep sea fishing in Georgia will be much more productive when you’re using live bait. You can use artificial baits if you must but they just don’t seem to get the same results that you’ll get with live bait. This is true no matter which species you’re seeking out. Some of the best live baits to try when deep sea fishing in Georgia include squid, eel, flounder, shrimp and mullet. However, you can try a variety of different baits to learn which ones work the best for you.

Now that you have an idea of which baits and the type of gear that you can try, you need to know where some of the best places to fish are located. Of course, this will partly depend on which species you’re seeking out. Nevertheless, some common places where a variety of species can be found are near reefs, sunken
ships and areas where the bottom of the water is sunken in like a hole.

Deep sea fishing in Georgia is a fun and exciting sport that will certainly give you some wonderful stories to tell. Just make sure you follow all of the safety rules so you can reduce the chances of having an accident and return to enjoy many more wonderful adventures.

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