Flounder Bait – What And When To Use

If you would like to try something different from the soft plastic baits then try using bright colored lures that are pink, red or white. You can also try using shinny lures as these tend to get the attention of the species fairly well because they can see them better than some of the other types of lures. Using jig heads combined with shrimp or minnows will work very well in most all situations so this is something that you can try as well.

Fishing Tips
The flounder, like most all fish species, will take spells and be finicky. They may not take a specific type of bait that they devoured the last time you went fishing. If you’re in an area where you know there should be flounder but you’re not getting any bites, try something different. You can change sizes or change the type of bait that you’re using all together. Never be afraid to experiment a little. They might actually strike at something that you never dreamed they would be interested in.

Since the flounder stays on the oceans floor you need to use methods that will get your bait in the strike zone. Using rigs is a great idea because these help you get the bait in the location where it is needed the most. Just make sure that you choose the best rig for the job because there are different types to choose from and some will work better than others when seeking out this species.

Drift fishing is another good method to use because it allows the bait to slowly float through the strike zone. This is the way the bait needs to be presented to the flounder because you don’t want it moving too fast or they will just ignore it altogether.

Some of the best hooks to use are the circle hooks because these will almost set themselves when the bait is swallowed. It usually catches right in the corner of the mouth where it holds securely while you reel in your catch. Now you should have enough information to select the right flounder bait and start reeling in those fish.

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