Florida’s Best Saltwater Fishing

While you’re fishing in Florida, you may also want to try your luck at one of the state’s many bays. Since bays are relatively shallow, there are often a wide variety of game fish that frequent their waters. Some of the more popular spots include Biscayne Bay, Florida Bay, Whitewater Bay, Chokoloskee Bay, Ponce de Leon Bay, Charlotte Harbor, Tampa Bay, Homosassa Bay, Waccosassa Bay, Apalachee Bay, West and East Bays, and Pensacola Bay. Florida jetties can often provide a good place to angle for tarpon, snook, redfish, jacks, and mackerel. Concrete or rocky jetties often line both sides of a spot like the Sebastian Inlet – look for that type of structure surrounding similar inlets as well. Many of them actually cater to fishermen by providing access and facilities. If you opt to cast off from one of Florida’s many shorelines, you will not be alone. Islands, beaches, and even rocky coastal areas can be successfully fished. Just make sure you move along quietly in these areas – fish can hear slight noises and sometimes can even see you. It’s a good idea to soak a bait on the bottom or cast parallel to the beach to tempt snook or reds hunting the troughs. One other suggestion is to try fishing from a pier. This has become increasingly popular in Florida and fishermen regularly land Spanish mackerel, snook, tarpon, sheepshead, redfish, trout, and many more. The pilings themselves serve to attract fish, as do the lights shown in the water at night. Particularly good pier fishing can be found in Broward, Miami-Dade counties, and in the Panhandle.

Florida’s waters offer more than a few opportunities to satisfy the saltwater fisherman’s desire to experience a sample of many different kinds of fishing. Though there are certainly fish just waiting to be caught in the waters of Florida, it’s also important to remember to check on federal guidelines to make sure that you adhere to all regulations set forth.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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