Florida fishing spots

Where are the best places to go sea fishing in Florida? Baits & lures?

The absolute beat place to go fishing in Florida is without a doubt the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys is basically a one hundred mile long narrow strip of land right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. You can fish for many different species in many different conditions. You can fish in water over one hundred feet deep over a reef and then with a ten minute boat ride fish for Tarpon weighing over one hundred pounds on a quiet grass flat with water between one and four feet deep. Live or cut bait works best in these parts. For live baits nothing beat a large lively shrimp for catching a large variety of fish and for staying active. Snappers, Jacks, Grouper and many other species respond well when using a live shrimp. For eliminating the smaller fish and concentrating on large ones you can switch over to a pinfish or lively blue crab. If you like using artificial baits then the grass flats are for you. These flats are one to four feet deep and hold a variety of large species of fish. These fish feed by stick their heads into the thick grass on the bottom to attempt to root out crustaceans. To catch these fish with artificial bait try using a large jig with weight forward sot he head buries into the grass while the skirt of the jig is upright attracting the fish. Use a slow retrieve occasionally using the rod tip to lift the jig and allow it to sink back into the grass.

Daniel Eggertsen
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