Five Shark Fishing Secrets in Texas

Shark fishing is a sport designed for the adventurous angler searching for a thrill and Texas is an excellent place to fish for them. They grow and thrive in these waters so they’re usually easy to find. Sharks can grow to some very impressive sizes and they will fight hard once hooked. Even the smaller ones will keep you on your toes. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fight that’s ahead in order to be a success and reel in a nice catch.

Seeking out this species is not for everyone and they are a difficult fish to catch. They’re not like other species and it takes a dedicated and well organized angler to fish for them. Shark fishing can be dangerous and you need to know as much about this species as you can before seeking them out both for your safety and to be productive.

Texas Shark Fishing Secrets

Since fishing for sharks is a lot different from seeking out other species, it’s a good idea to get as much information as you can about how to catch them before heading out to the water. The secrets discussed here can help you become a better fisherman while improving the odds of reeling in more sharks each time you go fishing.

Five shark fishing secrets in Texas that can make your adventure more productive and exciting:

1. One of the most exciting ways to fish for sharks along the Texas coastline is by surf fishing. The sharks you encounter along the coast are usually smaller than some of the ones you’ll come across as you go deeper out into the ocean but they can still put up one heck of a fight and make fishing fun.
2. You can be more productive when you use a large open faced spinning reel combined with fifty pound test line. The reel must have a good drag and be of the highest quality in order to operate smoothly and handle the shark.
3. Fish with circle hooks for the best results. These will set in the corner of the shark’s mouth and this holds them more securely. You won’t have to set the hook as hard with these as you would if using other types of hooks and they’re easier to remove. This means that you won’t have to spend as much time around the mouth of the shark while trying to release him back into the water.
4. When fishing for sharks you never know what size you’ll encounter especially if you go offshore to fish. For this reason, you can greatly benefit by taking along several rod and reel sets of different weights and strengths. This way, you’ll be prepared for any size shark. You can even use two or three different rods at a time to see which one gets the most action.
5. Once you hook a shark, you’re going to be in for a long drawn out fight. They don’t give up easy and they will fight you all the way in. Try to wear out the shark before you begin to give out yourself by moving your rod from one side to the other while reeling it in. Otherwise, you just might lose your catch before getting it onshore.

You must be prepared for before you set out to go shark fishing in Texas or anywhere else. You need to plan out your trip and make sure you have the right gear to be a success. Being prepared can mean the difference between having a productive day on the water and spending your time wishing you could get a bite.

Be Aware of the Dangers of Texas Shark Fishing

If you plan to go shark fishing in Texas you need to be aware of the dangers. It’s fun, exciting and a thrill to reel in one of these amazing species but it’s also dangerous. First of all, sharks live in one of the roughest environments you’ll ever encounter when fishing. The ocean is unpredictable and challenging. You could easily be tipped over or thrown off course if not careful. You’ll need the experience to handle this type of environment in order to stay safe while seeking out your game.

The next thing that you need to be aware of is that the shark will bite and can do significant damage if they do get a hold of you. It’s important to stay alert and follow all safety rules when fishing for sharks. Fish in groups so you can watch each other’s back and when you begin to get fatigued, call it a day and head back inland. It’s too dangerous to stay out on the water when you’re not completely alert.

Before you go shark fishing in Texas, learn the laws governing this species. You’ll need to know how to follow proper catch and release laws to make sure you return any sharks over what you’re allowed back into the water with minimum damage. This allows them to continue growing so you can return another day to try your hand at
Texas shark fishing.

Catching sharks is definitely an adrenaline rush that you won’t get when fishing for any other type of fish. They’re fun, exciting and dangerous making them one of the most thrilling species you’ll ever encounter. Be safe and have a great time seeking out those sharks.

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