Five Fishing Techniques for the Florida Gulf

Fishing the Florida Gulf Coast is an amazing experience that any fisherman will enjoy. It is sure to be a memorable adventure that you’ll want to share with others. All types of fishing is enjoyed in the Gulf, even deep sea fishing so it doesn’t matter what type of fishing you like to do, it can be done here.
Did you know that the Gulf of Mexico is the ninth largest body of water found anywhere in the world? It’s well known for both recreational and commercial fishing and it remains one of the best fishing locations in the US. You can go fishing most any time of the year with excellent results. Even if the fish are being finicky, you can still have a lot of fun and enjoy a wonderful time in the fresh air and sunshine fishing the Gulf of Florida.
There are many species of fish found off the Gulf coast of Florida including the big King Mackerel. Some other species that can be found here include red snapper, groper, giant redfish, mahi, barracuda, swordfish and amberjack. This water stays warm most of the year so the species that live here tend thrive and some can grow to amazing sizes. It’s also known for its calm seas, which makes fishing offshore more pleasant than what you will find in some of the other areas.
Fishing Techniques to Use in the Florida Gulf
The fishing in the Florida Gulf is excellent and there are many different techniques to use to catch the fish in this area. The one that you choose will depend on your experience and the gear that you have access to when you go fishing. If you choose to take a boat out, there are many boating docks available where you can put into the water.
Here are five fishing techniques to use in the Florida Gulf:
1. Drifting- Drift fishing the grassy flats during the high tide usually provides some amazing results. The baitfish will be plentiful in this area during this time so the fish follow them into the flats to feed. During low tide, try fishing potholes, drop-offs, channels and ledges.
2. Pier Fishing- Fishing from a pier is lots of fun and something the whole family can enjoy. It also yields some excellent results because you have an advantage being overtop of the water.
3. Trolling- This is an excellent technique to use when fishing from a boat. You can cover a lot of ground fast and use several rods at once increasing the chances of getting a bite significantly.
4. Casting- You can use this technique to fish from the shoreline or a boat and it’s the perfect choice to use when trying to reach long distances.
5. Jigging- This technique can also be used both from the shore or a boat. This method allows you to drop your line into the strike zone without disturbing the fish and to fish any depth. Make sure you start fishing from the outside of the school and work inward. You’ll get more bites this way.
There are others methods that can be used as well such as fly-fishing and surf fishing but the ones listed above are the most common and easiest for most anglers to use. If you’re a professional, you may want to consider deep-sea fishing where you can explore the Gulf in a unique and exciting way. There are many huge and amazing species found in this body of water.
However, if you choose to do this and it’s something new for you, then hiring a charter service is the way to go. They will take you out to the areas where the fishing is known to be the best and help to make your adventure one to remember.
Things to Consider When Fishing the Florida Gulf
Learn how to fish the tides and it will greatly enhance each of your fishing trips when fishing on or near the shore. The feeding habits of the fish are greatly affected by the tide and it will determine where the fish will be located. This is why learning all you can about the tides will make a difference.
If you choose to wade out into the water to fish, be aware of the rip tide. Sometimes the tide can be very strong making it dangerous to go out even a little ways into the ocean. This is not always the case but there are times when you need to stay onshore. Pay attention to the beach reports and if signs are posted to stay out of the water, it would be wise to heed these for your safety.
Fishing the Florida Gulf coast is a great way to enjoy your free time with friends and family. There are many great fishing stories just waiting for you to make so you’ll have something to share with others for a very long time.

Daniel Eggertsen
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