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Which fish in Florida are best to eat ?

In my opinion the best tasting fish in Florida saltwater is the Snapper. There are many different varieties of Snappers, all taste equally well. Fish in the sixteen to twenty four inch size range generally are the best. I like breading them with bread crumbs seasoned with Italian herbs and fry them. The Mahi Mahi is another excellent tasting species readily caught in Florida. The flesh of this species is much different in consistency than that of a Snapper. Because of this frying them is not the best method of cooking this fish. I like seasoning this fish with your herbs of choice and rubbing it with melted butter. I then broil dinner size fillets until the meat is fully cooked. Snook taste very good but I really no longer eat this species and recommend you do not as well. Its value as a game fish far outweighs its value as a food source. This is a species that needs to be cultivated for sporting purposes. If you do decide to eat one it should be cooked in a similar manner to a Snapper. My second favorite eating fish in Florida is the Grouper. Its meat has a unique taste and texture, almost a cross between the light flaky meat of a Snapper and the dense chewy meat of a Mahi Mahi. Depending on the size of fillet it can either be breaded and fired or broiled. It’s tastes exceptionally well when served in a sandwich between a large bun.

Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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  1. Kenneth M says:

    Although taste is a matter of “taste” I would say that of the tastiest fish there are in Florida, the first being wahoo, grilled on the barbie like a fine steak, then comes dolphinfish or the name used in Hawaii and on the West Coast mahi-mahi, fondly called the chicken of the sea. Its Latin name is Coryphaena hippurus. Then hognose snapper (not really a snapper) followed by the snapper family. I’ve eaten and love swordfish but on a number of occasions I’ve had an allergic reaction to it so I’ve kept away. High up there, after Wahoo is a cold water Pacific fish that I’ve caught and thoroughly enjoy is halbut. Eat fish, live longer!

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