Effective Types of Shark Bait

What type of bait works best when Shark Fishing?

The most popular type method of drawing in a shark (which has also been proven to be the most effective) is known as "chumming."  Chum is essentially a mixture of various fish innards and blood.  Though it sounds a bit disgusting and smells even worse, this has been proven to be the best type of bait to use when you are first attempting to attract a shark before you actually cast your bait.

Once the shark has been drawn in, experts recommend a variety of baits that can be used, including tuna, eels, and stingrays.  Obtaining the freshest and most effective type of shark bait often involves additional fishing (obviously at this level, for smaller game).  However, if you do not want to catch your own live shark bait and are near a pier where locals often fish, you may want to try heading out and checking in with those folks.  If they have caught extra, they may be willing to sell you a part of their catch to use as bait. 

There are a number of additional species of fish that have proven effective in catching shark.  First up is the bonito, a type of fish that is difficult to catch, but can also sometimes be found frozen in a bait shop.  Next is the Jack Crevalle, which is much easier to land from the shore than the bonito.  Other types of fish to use include the LadyFish and the Blue Runner.  Additionally, you could try the Whiting, which makes for great shark bait but also is a bit smaller so can prove a little more difficult to initially catch. 


Daniel Eggertsen
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