Deep Sea Fishing Tips

The white sea bass is also a popular target for deep sea fishermen, not only because it is generally regarded as an excellent fish to eat, but also because it is such a strong fighter, which presents more of a challenge. The white sea bass is found primarily along the Pacific coast, from Juneau, Alaska all the way down to Baja, California. The most effective bait is definitely squid. When fishing squid, the typical rig is a six and a half to eight foot rod with a reel filled with fifteen to thirty pound test. When fishing specifically for white bass, it’s good to remember that they will often bite very softly, so give them time to take the bait. In addition, the white sea bass have soft mouths, so its best to fish with a lighter drag than normal. Other techniques for catching white sea bass include jigs, jig heads, or dropper loops.

While many fish caught by deep sea fishermen are able to be eaten (and in some cases, are actually in demand as such), the barracuda is a fish that is only sought after for sporting purposes. It actually has a poisonous skin, which makes it inedible. However, the elusiveness of the larger barracuda contributes to making it a challenge for many deep sea fisherman. The rod and reel record the Pacific barracuda is just over 26 pounds. But barracudas over 10 pounds are rarely caught. Also, because the barracuda is primarily a surface feeder, it is rarely caught deeper than 100 feet. The most effective bait for catching a barracuda are anchovies and other small fish. They’re usually caught using iron jigs or bait.
There are countless ways to enjoy deep sea saltwater fishing, depending on what particularly interests you. No matter what specific fish you intend to pursue, make sure you learn as much as you can about that particular species and the special tricks of the trade that may help you land that elusive big one.

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