Characteristics of the John Dory

What is a John Dory and where can you catch them?

The John Dory is a very odd looking deep sea fish. It is also known as the St. Pierre. There are actually two versions of the John Dory: the American John Dory and the European John Dory. The John Dory is a very widespread fish. The American version can be found on the East coast from Chesapeake Bay up past Nova Scotia. Its European counterpart have been found in Australia, the Atlantic coast of Europe, South West Africa, South East Asia, and even off the coast of Japan.

This fish is somewhat similar in appearance to a butterfish, being very flat with a somewhat disk shape. It is characterized by a very tall dorsal fin. Its color is silver all over with the exception of one to two dozen dark spots which tend to fade out as the fish ages.

The John Dory is known for its delicious flavor. New Zealand is the primary source for commercial catches. There are a multitude of recipes featuring this fish.

This is a predatory fish that feeds primarily on small schooling fish such as sardines. It is itself prey for larger fish such as the shark. They come in a variety of sizes, the largest weighing in at seven pounds and twenty four inches long.

The origin of its name is subject to debate. One story is that the name St. Pierre is a reference to St. Peter who brought one of these fish to the Lord. The name John Dory is thought to be a reference to an old ballad in which a Cornish Captain defeated a French Privateer.

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