Catch a shark from the pier

I’ve heard that you can actually fish for sharks from a pier? How is this done?

It may sound strange to some but you can actually catch sharks from the comfort of a pier or beach at certain times of the year.

During the late spring to early autumn (the months of March through to September) certain species of Shark move in to the warmer shallower waters of the coast to perform mating rituals and spawn, this is the time to strike and catch yourself a shark from the beach or pier.

The types of Shark you can expect to catch are the sharpnose seven gills, or the soupfin and leopard sharks of the hound shark family. what may be surprising is that these sharks can grow to an astounding seven feet (two metres) in length whih is one large fish to reel on to a pier.

To catch Sharks of a pier or beach you need a minimum of a medium action rod and about forty pounds of test line. For the reel you just need a standard well built beach caster or jigmaster. On the end of your line you will need to attach around 1.5 metres of shock leader that is 60 to 100 pound in strength with a swivel, on this shock leader you will have a sinker that is about 6 ounces in weight (Pyramids are a favourite) and on the end a 6/0 bait hook.

Now you have the right gear set up its all about technique and bait.

The best bait to use is mackerel, and preferably alive. If you can use live bait then hook the fish at the flesh around the dorsal fin and do it in a way where it is secure but will not damage the fish to much that it will die. Then its a matter of casting out and letting the fish swim around until you get a bite, to know if you have a bite set your reel to have the clicker turned on this way when the shark has got your bait you will hear the sound, alternatively you can watch your line (your line should have its drag set so the shark can drag some line out).

Do not strike for a short while as you want to wait until the fish has been swallowed by your Shark, once this is done give it one tug (really only one) and then keep some tension on the line (not too much that your line snaps). After this it is just a matter of slowly reeling your line in and keeping tension on the line until the fish becomes tired and you can bring it into the pier….then its just a matter of landing the shark with a pole with a sharp hook known as a gaff to stab the fish and pull it in.

Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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