Can you tell me about fishing for barracude?

Tell me about fishing for barracuda.

The Barracuda is a much smarter fish than it is generally given credit for. It is a fish that is very aware of its surroundings. Many times I have seen one swim right up to where I was fishing and stare me in the face. Never once have I caught one of these fish that obviously recognized me first. You need to use the same stealthy approach you would use while fishing for Bonefish, Permit or other species thought to be more wary than the Barracuda. Your tackle needs to be adjusted when fishing for Barracuda. For starters you will need to fish with wire leaders. Barracuda have large extremely large teeth that will shred any line rapidly. You will also need a heavy action rod for hook setting purposes. If you fish with live bait you will need a rod with backbone to allow the hook to penetration their bony mouth. You can catch Barracuda with either live bait or artificial bait. Barracuda are not a fussy fish. Any live or cut fish you can get your hands on will make for good bait. The livelier the bait the better it is. Crabs are also excellent bait for this species. The artificial lure of choice for Barracuda is the tube lure. Resembling an eel this lure is a soft plastic tube about twelve inches long. When you retrieve a tube lure in the current of the water it will come back in a snakelike movement pattern. The prime concern is waiting until the fish actually strikes the lure to set the hook. Do not rush the hook set when the fish is merely trailing the bait.

Daniel Eggertsen
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