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Swordfish is a highly sought after saltwater fish on the Califonia west coast of the U.S. They typically surface at night and then move into deeper waters in daylight. They typically gather near areas where food is abundant. Swordfish can be a tough fish to land, which it makes it a popular target for many sport fishermen. Live bait is the best option for enticing the swordfish. There is dispute about what the very best bait to use is, but Mokahanalili and Elagatis Bipinnulata are considered to be among the best. However, if you can’t get your hands on one of these more elusive live baits, you might want to try squids, yellowtails, or blue runners, all of which are frequently used to land swordfish.

It’s also important to note that landing a swordfish can be very difficult. These fish will not only fight you every inch of the way, they will continue to fight until the death – even after they have been reeled into the boat. As a result, when angling for swordfish, it is advisable to keep your guard up at all times.

There are also three different species of tuna that are popularly sought after in the waters off the coast of California. The first is Albacore tuna, which is considered abundant in the waters off of the west coast. However, Albacore are notorious for putting up a fight. They are very agile and quick, which makes them a challenge for any angler. Once again, live bait is preferable when it comes to landing this fish, particularly herring, menhaden, and butterfish. The other two species of tuna caught in the waters off the coast of California are the bluefin and the yellowfin tunas. Both are also very popular among sport fishermen.

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