Bridge bait choices

Going night fishing at a bridge at key biscayne, what’s the best bait to use and how?

Your bait selection will depend greatly on the type and size of fish you are angling for. I will give you the three most commons selections in the following paragraphs. Live shrimp will without a doubt catch more fish than any other bait selection. You can catch anything from a six inch long Snapper to a Tarpon of over one hundred pounds using live shrimp. It is best to use larger shrimp to avoid the very small nibblers that will take your bait before a large fish has the opportunity to sample it. I like to hook a shrimp once through the tail with a hook as small and thin as I can get away with to not inhibit its movement while in the water. Small fish are the bait of choice if you want to limit your catch to larger fish. Commonly used baits include the following: 1) Pilchards are a couple inches long, silver in color and very visual as they swim and reflect light. 2) Pinfish are the saltwater version of the bluegill. They attract larger fish and will discourage smaller and medium sized fish from attacking your offerings. 3) Mullet come in various sizes from finger size to fish over twelve inches long. They will attract many species of large fish, including sharks. Pompano are a very tasty fish that is count throughout much of the state. The bait of choice for this species is the mole crab, also called the sand flea. You can catch these creatures in the surf in large numbers and use for bait.

Daniel Eggertsen
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