Bream fishing tips – some common tactics to catch bream

Experiment with different hook depths until you find one that seems to be working. Sometimes the bream stick close to the bottom and other times they are closer to the surface. It’s hard to predict which mood they will be in so you just have to feel it out.
If you’ve caught a few bream and then they seem to stop biting, try a different depth or try moving a few feet away from your original spot. Often this helps get them biting again.

Many seasoned fishermen will tell you that when it comes to bream, it’s all about the bait. Once you find out what the bream are biting, you will have them practically falling in your lap. So how can you know what bait to use? Your best tactic is to try to bring along several different types so that if one doesn’t work, you can switch out with something else.

Many bream fishermen claim to have had success with live baits such as worms, small insects and crickets. Many people use this bait and fish around brushy areas. Many bream fishermen claim you can put literally anything small and meaty on a hook and cast it in the water and get a reaction if the bream are there and biting. Some people also like Scopex pellets or cut worm work nicely as well.

While most fishermen stick with live bait for bream some also claim success with small jig and flies corresponding to the size of the bream and even with bread, cheese and other food items which were available at the time.

If you find an especially hot spot for bream you may even try ditching the rod and reel completely and net fishing to see what you round up. Now that you have these basic bream fishing tips and guidelines, you are ready for your next fishing trip.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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