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Saltwater fishing is a great way to get out in the sun and have a blast. This type of environment is fun and exciting while relaxing at the same time. One of the best places to go saltwater fishing in the United States is GA. The Georgia coastline stretches for one hundred miles and it has the largest saltwater marsh found anywhere along the Eastern coastline.
This creates a fertile estuary where you’ll find a large number of species, some of which can grow to incredible sizes. A few of the species you’ll encounter when saltwater fishing are flounder, tarpon, sea trout and redfish. Saltwater fishing is certainly some of the most exciting fishing you’ll ever do and it’s something anyone can do.
The size of the fish found off the coast of GA makes this type of fishing more challenging but that’s not all. The ocean is unpredictable and the water can be extremely rough at times. You never really know what to expect making it a dangerous environment in which you need to exercise extreme caution especially if you venture too far from shore.
Where to Fish In GA and What Baits To Use
There are many different places along this coastline where you can go fishing in Georgia. You can enjoy it from the shore or from a boat and you can use a number of different baits effectively in these waters. You can fish all year long in GA but different species will be abundant during different seasons. If you plan to target a specific species, it would be wise to find out which season would be the best to fish for that particular one and plan your trip for that time of year.
Here are a few of the best places to go saltwater fishing in GA to help you get started:
* Joiner Creek
* St. Andrew Sound
* Savannah
* Brunswick
* Camden County
The bait that you choose to use will depend on which species you’re seeking out. It’s important to match the bait with the fish species for the best results. However, a few baits can be used for most any species as long as you use the right size.
Here is a list of some of the best baits to use for GA saltwater fish:
* Minnows
* Shrimp
* Grubs
* Mullet
* Crabs
* Menhaden
Now that you know where to fish in Georgia and which baits to use, you need to know what type of gear to take along with you.
Saltwater Fishing Gear
The first thing that you want to do is make sure your gear is designed for this type of environment. The saltwater and air can be very rough on your equipment so you need gear designed from materials that won’t rust easily. Some of your best options include fiberglass, titanium, stainless steel, resin and graphite.
To make finding the fish faster and to keep you on course when you go offshore, you need a good GPS system and fish finder. It’s easy to lose your sense of direction when on the ocean even when you’re only a few miles from shore. This is especially true when the waves get rough.
Here is a list of saltwater fishing gear that you’ll need to have in order to enjoy this sport:
* Fishing rod and reels
* Lures and rigs
* Fishing line
* Nets
* Hooks and sinkers
* Swivels, weights and leaders
When you plan to go out on a boat, make sure it’s seaworthy. In other words, it needs to be certified to be in this type of environment. Some boats are designed for use on small lakes and rivers and not for the harsh environment of the sea.
When choosing your gear, you’ll need to have some idea of which species you want to catch and what type of fishing you plan to do. This will help you pick out the right gear for the job. You can’t pier fish with a fly rod and you don’t want to take a small fishing rod with you when you’re seeking out a large species such as, the tarpon or tuna.
The average angler will usually do well with medium weight tackle and if you’re not sure how much fishing you’ll be doing or which species you’ll seek out, you may want to invest in a rod and reel combo designed for different types of fishing. These can usually be used to pier fish, jig and for casting. You can add to your collection as you gain experience.
Always wash your gear off with fresh water after each use to extend its life and store them correctly. Keep your tackle box well organized and you’ll always be ready to hit the water and do a little GA saltwater fishing whenever you have the free time.

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