Best Places and Baits for Mississippi Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater fishing can much different than freshwater fishing even though the basic principles are the same. The equipment and baits are definitely different as freshwater baits, tackle and lures are not made for the salt water nor are they designed for the sport fish that resides in saltwater either. Mississippi has its own area of saltwater and it offers some really good fishing for those who want to get out in the gulf. There are many species of trophy sized fish like the Dolphin, not to be confused with the mammal that goes by the same name, the marlin and flounder. The following are some tips and the best places and baits for Mississippi saltwater fishing:
Licensing – The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you must have the proper licensing in order to fish at any time or anywhere along the saltwater areas of Mississippi. Even if you want to catch bait or dig for clams, you have to have a license or you pay a huge fine. The fines are much more costly than the price of the license so do the right thing and get all of your licensing paid for and have it on your person when you are out fishing.
Baits – There are many baits that are used for saltwater fishing in Mississippi. Some of the baits are meant to be used while they are alive and others can be frozen and thawed out for use at any time.
* Live Shrimp – Shrimp is probably one of the most popular of all the live bait types. Many of the fish that are angled from shore or close to shore feed on shrimp. These come in many different sizes and can be caught on the shore in order to use them for bait. Many prefer this method as the licensing is a bit more cost effective than heading to the bait and tackle shop to purchase the crustaceans. They are quite easy to catch with nets by wading into the surf a few feet or a boat can be used too.
* Live Minnows – Live minnows are a very popular baits that fishermen use all over the Gulf of Mexico, not just in the Mississippi area. They can be found in many sizes and species. The type of minnow that is used is really dependent upon the type of fish that is being angled for. A good rule of thumb is the larger the fish species, the larger the live minnow needs to be. Keep the minnows alive in the live well or a saltwater tank at home until they are needed for fishing.
* Cut Bait – Cut baits are any bait that can be frozen and used later by cutting the fish or bait into chunks. One popular type of cut bait is mackerel. This is typically sold frozen although they can be caught live and then cut up to be used to chum the waters and to be used on a hook or in a crab pot.
Best Places – There are many great areas in Mississippi to saltwater fish. More importantly however, it is vital to know where not to fish. The area that encompasses the Gulf Islands National Seashore boundary must be avoided at all times. This is a one mile perimeter around Ship, Horn and Petit Bois Islands.
* Biloxi – The waters around Biloxi are the best no matter if you have a boat or want to fish from the shore. There is nothing better than a fresh seafood meal that was pulled out of the water earlier in the day. There are Speckled Trout and some anglers have even landed an eel or two on a good day. If you want to go for the larger species, there are many great charter companies in Biloxi that can take you out for Marlin or Dolphin.
* Gulfport – This area is very similar to Biloxi as it is considered a part of it. When speaking about fishing in this area, the two towns are often used in the same sentences because of their similarity and proximity to each other. The same fish species are located in the waters and the same baits and techniques are used. Those who want to go out deeper can also charter a boat for the day. If you cannot find a charter that suits you in Gulfport, there is always the option to head over to Biloxi.
Saltwater fishing in Mississippi may not be as popular as it is in other areas of the country, but the locals know that the fishing is great and they enjoy the peaceful days on the water. If you want to head to the south for some fishing, make sure you have the proper licensing, bring the correct equipment and have the baits that bring in the fish you are angling for. Never fish in areas that are off limits or take fish that are not legal or over the allotted amount.

Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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