Barracuda Taxonomy

to what marine group does the chevron barracuda belongs to?

The Chevron Barracuda (Sphyraena putnamiae) is a tropical fish species that is a member of the Barracuda family (Sphyraenidae). The Chevron Barracuda (also known as the Williams Barracuda) has a silver coloured body with about 20 chevron shaped black bars along the entire body and the caudal fin is dusky with a black margin. It inhabits in the waters of the Indo-Pacific region from east Africa and the Red Sea, to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The Chevron Barracuda is one of the smaller species of Barracuda, seldom exceeding 3 feet in length. The complete taxonomy looks like this: •Domain : Eukaryota- eukaryotes •Kingdom: Animalia- animals •Subkingdom: Bilateria•Branch: Dueterostomia •Infrakingdom: Chordonia •Phylum: Chordata- Chordates •Subphylum: Vertibrata- Vertebrates •Infraphylum:Gnathostomata. – Jawed Vertebrates •Superclass: Osteichtyes- Bony Fishes •Class: Actinopteriygii- Ray-Finned Fishes •Subclass: Actinoterygii- Ray-Finned Fishes •Infraclass: Actinopteri •Cohort: Clupeocephala •Superorder: Acanthopterygii •Order: Perciformes- perch-like •Suborder: Sphyraenoide •Family: Sphyraenidae •Genus: Sphyraenae-Barracudas •Specific name: putnamae •Scientific name: – Sphyraena putnamae

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