Barracuda catch prey

how do barracudas catch their prey?

Barracuda catch their prey by using their extremely fast speed to come from behind and grab it in their mouth. If you look at the body of a Barracuda it is built for extremely fast speed in a straight line. When fishing for Barracuda you really cannot use a retrieve that is too fast unless you have an extremely powerful reel. The artificial lure of choice when fishing for Barracuda is the tube lure. This lure is about twelve inches long and is shaped like a tube. It is made of soft non rigid plastic with three sets of treble hooks placed at even intervals throughout the length of the lure. The design of this lure allows it to move in a side winding motion through the water, much like a snake or more appropriately an eel might swim. It is designed to be retrieved in the upper two feet of the water in a fast manner. When you catch your first Barracuda using this lure you will see exactly how they catch their prey. The first sign of the Barracuda you will see is when it tails your bait a mere seconds before it strikes. This will occur ten to twenty yards behind your lure that should be moving at a fast pace. The Barracuda will make its move and close this distance in less than a second. It will hammer the lure with an intensity you have never seen before, closing its mouth full of large razor sharp teeth on the lure.

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