Are Barracudas Only Found In Deep Water?

Are barracudas only found in deep water?

Fishing for barracudas is a lot of fun.  For most anglers, this is a new type of fishing.  That does not mean that you should stop doing it, though.  In fact, you are going to find a variety of options available to you.  But, do barracudas only live in deep water?

The answer to your question is that while barracuda live only in saltwater, they are surface feeders, and the fact that most barracuda are caught within one hundred feet of the surface shows that they can often be found in places other than deep water.  Early in the Spring of the year, barracuda are known to consistently move from their deep water homes into the more shallow areas near kelp beds, baitfish, and the shore.  For this reason, barracuda exist and are quite often found anywhere from the surface of the ocean all the way down into the deeper regions of the sea. 

Barracuda can be found most often near kelp beds.  They lie, practically motionless in the water as they wait for the bait fish that feed in these kelp beds.  Barracuda can often be found around the inshore flats areas as well, because they feed on the bait fish that can be found there.  Barracuda rarely feed on anything they can not swallow in a single bite, so the presence of schools of moving bait fish such as anchovies, mullet, or mackerel are a good indication that barracuda could be present in the waters where they are found.

Daniel Eggertsen
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