How To Catch Halibut

Halibut Fishing Tips

When fishing for halibut you want to get the bait onto the bottom while keeping your line straight. Using jigs on a stiff rod is the best way to fish for the halibut. Lift your jig up and down off the bottom of the water to make a thumping sound. The vibration will get the attention of the halibut and draw them in your direction.

The halibut seem to always take a last minute dive back towards the bottom about the time you get them to the edge of the boat so be ready for this. If you loosen up the drag to help make it easier to reel in the fish make sure you set it again before you get him to the top of the water because most likely, he will run with the line if you don’t.

There are a wide variety of jigs sold today that range in many different sizes that will work very well when halibut fishing although, the most popular fall into the eight to twelve ounce range. Gibbs jigs are one of the most popular because they resemble one of the halibut’s favorite foods, the herring. They also eat anchovies, sardines, squid and a variety of smaller fish. One of the best techniques used for catching halibut is fishing with a spreader bar. Use a cut plug herring or a whole one on treble hooks for bait.

The halibut are known as the “masters of ambush” because they lie quietly on the bottom of the water partially buried and wait for their prey to swim by. They are definitely a predatory species that can be very aggressive and one of the most challenging fish you will ever reel in. If you are searching for an exciting and tough species to go after, consider the halibut. They will certainly give you a run for your money.

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