Tarpon Fishing Strategies

Gear and Bait

Tarpons are very strong and stubborn fish that will not be reeled in willingly. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the right gear when you go tarpon saltwater fishing. Make sure all of your equipment is designed for saltwater fishing or the environment will damage the equipment very quickly. You will be spending a lot more money replacing your equipment than it would have cost if you paid for quality products from the beginning.

Tarpons have sharp gills that can cut through lightweight lines and extremely tough mouths. It is for this reason it is suggested that you use heavy test line and circle hooks to fish for tarpons. Spinning and bait-casting tackle with a sturdy drag system is recommended. You also need at least 200 yards of line capability because the tarpon will take off with the bait fast and get a fairly good ways before you have time to respond. You need enough line to compensate for this. When fly fishing a good 300 to 400 yards of line will be required.

Tarpons feed most aggressively at night which is when you will have the best results. If you fish during the day you must get the bait directly in the path of the tarpons before they will take it. However, your bait should be headed away from the tarpon or appear to be swimming by. If it is going toward them they will avoid taking your bait all-together. They can sense something is wrong when the bait is not following the natural order of the way a real baitfish would respond.

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