Surf Fishing Strategies For Consistent Catches

Another technique that you can use is to consistently walk up and down the beach hitting the hot spots. If you have access to a 4WD or some other vehicle that you can take out on the beach this is the perfect way to travel from one area to the other. The advantage to using a vehicle is that you can reach different spots much faster and spend more time hitting specific spots. The advantage of walking is that you can fish along the shore as you go and you may run across a spot that you may have missed otherwise.

Use techniques that will help you keep your bait close to the bottom of the water where the fish are mainly located. It is also recommended that you always use fresh bait everytime you go fishing. If it has been awhile since you had a bite then change your bait.

Once it gets old the fish will not take it. Some of the best baits to use in the warm months are squid, shrimp, sand fleas and bloodworms. You can also use spoons, plugs and topwater lures when surf fishing.

Experiment with different retrieval speeds until you find the one that works the best. You can start out with a fast pace and then move slower until you reach the speed that gets results. Where there are light winds and very small waves you can use light tackle and small hooks with a large shank.

When surf fishing you should use surf rods that are ten to twelve feet long for the best results. You need gear that will help you make long cast so using a six ounce lead weight is recommended. Make sure that you buy gear that is designed for saltwater fishing. Otherwise, the environment will damage your equipment and make it necessary for you to replace everything.

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