Salmon Fishing In A Nutshell

To catch salmon, your gear needs to be stout, because salmon are strong fish, and frequently make long fast runs. If you are going to fish from shore, you need very long rods to get casting distance. The tactics and tackle are the same for all species.

Except for landlocked species, all salmon are born in rivers and lakes, then migrate along rivers to the ocean. They spend their entire lives in the sea until it is time to spawn. Then, they all migrate back up the rivers to the place they were born to spawn, then die.

While on the spawning runs, and during spawning, they do not feed. Lures and flies are of the ‘Attractor’ variety, triggering strikes from the fish with a lot of flash and bright colors. In the ocean, however, trolling with baitfish, squid and eel imitations is very productive.

They readily attack red and white spoons, and Salmon Flies are some of the most beautifully crafted classic fly patterns in the world. Good lure choices are Daredevil spoons, Mepps Spinners in the larger and brighter-colored sizes, Large bright Rooster-Tails, Super-Duper, and classic fly patterns like the Chief Needabah, Gray Ghost, Black Ghost, Iris, Silver Doctor, Hornbergs, and the incredible patterns invented by the legendary Queen of Salmon Fly-Tyers, Carrie Stevens.

You need a Heavy Freshwater/Light Saltwater rod and at least 12 Lb. test line for most salmon. Suitable Fly rods would be in the 8/9 wt range with a heavy 9′ tippet. Better yet, the two-handed Spey rods were made just for casting to Salmon from shore with large flies. They will give you the extra distance needed.

This isn’t really rocket science. There is no mystery when and where the salmon will be on the spawning run. It’s just a matter of casting, or trolling your offering until they bite. That’s really all there is to it.

Happy Fishing!

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Daniel Eggertsen
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