Cape Cod Fishing

The Bluefish usually spend their time at the Upper Cape rips but they can also be found close to the shoreline. The bonito fish stay close to the Islands and stripers stay in the shallow water where the coves and other structures provide cover. The herring can be found along the canal and along the south shore. Most species of fish can always be found near structures such as rocks, ledges, brush, grass and so forth so make sure you concentrate in these areas.

Many experienced anglers will suggest you go fishing between the new moon and the full moon for the best results. Any species of fish will normally feed heavily right before high tide hits and for about an hour after it is over. Fishing when the barometric pressure is rising will also get you some great results.

If you are visiting Cape Cod for the first time you may want to consider enlisting the help of a charter service if you want to go out on the water fishing instead of surf fishing.

When hiring a charter service be sure and explain what type of fishing you want to do to make sure they can accommodate your need. By understanding exactly what you want to get out of your fishing trip they will be able to take you to all the hot spots. After one visit to Cape Cod you will be hooked for good.

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