The Top 5 Saltwater Fishing Game Fish And How To Catch Them

For the live bait fisherman Redfish are much like Snook.  They can be caught on any of a number of classic baits.  The live shrimp is perhaps the best bait to use, followed by a lively pinfish.

Front weighted jigs are the best artificial bait to use.  Redfish require a slower retrieve; unlike Snook they do not make long runs to attack prey.  Redfish slowly scrounge around the dense grass beds in search of crustaceans and other forms of food.

Barracuda are the Northern Pike of the sea, armed with an impressive row of large sharp teeth.  You need to change your gear when fishing for Barracuda.  Wire leaders are a must for live bait fishermen as are heavier rods.

Barracuda can be caught with a variety of artificial baits.  The best is the tube lure.  Tube lures are about twelve to eighteen inches long and resemble an eel.  They are typically retrieved very fast near the surface of the water.

Sharks are the last of the most popular saltwater game fish we will discuss.  They come in many forms and sizes.  You again need to match your gear to the size of shark you seek.  Blacktip, Bonnethead or other smaller shark varieties can be caught on gear similar to that you would use for many other species of fish.  You certainly need wire leaders for all sharks.  The lure of a real big sharks hits most fishermen at some point.  Bull Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks over six feet long are readily accessible for shore fishing from much of  Florida.  Large bait on a rod and reel that are sturdy and hold a large amount of line are a must.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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