Saltwater Fishing Knots, Blod Knot And More

Slide the loops toward the eye of the hook and then put the end of the line through the loop above the eye. Put the line through the loop that is created by the coiled line and pull tight by pulling both ends of the lines but make sure you keep the coils flat. Every time you get a bite it tightens the cinch knot.

Uni Knot

The uni knot is both strong and versatile. Start by running the line through the eye of the hook and bringing the end back toward the eye. Twist the line six times around the line below the eye and the wind the bottom of the fishing line around the doubled part of the line. Pull the end of the line tight to slide the knot close to the eye.

Swivel Knot

The swivel knot is normally tied to a double line, lead line or hook. The swivel line lets you tie the hooks or weight onto a separate line and is the perfect choice when fishing for large species. Start by running a double line through the eye of a swivel hook and twist the loop one time and up over the swivel hook.

Flip the swivel into the loop and hold the double line while pulling the swivel tight. Make sure the coils are straight while pulling them tight. You do not want them to overlap as this will weaken the knot. Now you need to pull the double line and tighten the knot up against the swivel and you are ready to fish.

There are many different types of fishing knots and each one works better for different types of fishing. Some have more durability than others when it comes to the hold and some are easier to tie than others. Learning how to tie the basic knots listed above will help you get started tying secure knots that can help you save on hooks and lures while reeling in those fish.

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