South Carolina Saltwater Fishing Secrets

The jacks are found in the low country waters. They usually arrive just after the menhaden move into the waters. The best places to find them are by the Wando and Cooper Rivers. If you want to find them quickly, go to Remley Point boat launch and they will be all over the place.

The flounder loves the hot summer months. You will see the spotted seatrout and the spottail bass head for colder waters while the flounder will stay and soak up the heat. Fish the flounders from the piers. There are many piers where you can sit and cast. The flounder is an easy fish to bait and catch from the piers. You will need a circle net to bring the catch in or walk it to the beach to net it. The height of the piers is to far from the water. If you fish from a boat, trolling is the best way to catch a flounder. Fish around the pier pilings where the flounder lurk. Use a mud minnow or shrimp for the smaller flounders and finger mullets for the larger fish.

If you are looking for some great South Carolina saltwater fishing, you can look in these areas and catch some fish or sharks. There are other deep sea fishing options, but these fish can be caught without getting out on the open waters. This is nice to know when the winds are strong the weather is just not right for boat fishing. Without much effort, you can have a great fishing adventure. Your bait is easy to catch or get from the bait shops that are found all over by the waters. You will have a good time fishing in South Carolina.

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