Saltwater Fishing Charters

If your trip gets canceled due to bad weather conditions the charter will do everything possible to reschedule expect to happen during your trip. For example, you are hiring a service to help you locate the fish and so you will be expected to obey the rules of the charter at all times. They are responsible for your safety and need your full corporation.

If you have a certain fishing preference in mind you should discuss this with the captain before going out, this way he will know where to take you on the water so you can get the most out of your trip. The charter will take you to all the hotspots and provide the best gear available for you to get the results you are after.

When out on a charter boat you can expect to be spending a lot of time in the sun. Therefore, it is important that you go prepared. Take sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and comfortable clothing. Be sure to protect yourself from the sun at all times, even on cloudy days because a sun-burn is not something that you want to take home at the end of the day.

Always respect the rules of the charter and follow them carefully. Rules were made for a reason and are important to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone else on board. Going out on a saltwater fishing charter is an adventure to be enjoyed. Take a camera with you so you will be able to take photos to remember your trip by. Relax and have fun! After all, that’s why you booked the fishing trip in the first place.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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