Georgia Saltwater Fishing

Normally, the best bait to use for catching the tripletail would be live shrimp. Using a spinning reel is recommended for the best results because it is usually necessary for you to make long cast. Fishing for the tripletail is a lot different than fishing for other species because they tend to float on their sides along the top of the water. Their backside is black and their belly is white and this is what you will see when you run up on them.

Therefore, if you don’t know what to look for, you may end up passing them by. When you locate the fish you just cast your bait past them and reel it in to get their attention.

Shark Fishing in the Georgia Saltwater

Georgia saltwater fishing also includes sharks. Now while sharks may not be the favorite species to go after for many anglers, they are very popular with the shark fishermen. One reason for their popularity is the fact that they make such a delicious meal. The environment along the Georgia coast is perfect for sharks. There are a lot of sandbars throughout the water along with many deep holes for them to live in. Some of the types of sharks you can find in this area include the lemon, tiger, hammerhead, sand shark and blacktip shark.

There is an abundance of bait fish in this area for the sharks to feed on which is another reason they are so plentiful. When fishing for sharks the best bait to use is whiting, live menhaden and mullet. You are limited to two sharks per day if they are under forty-eight inches long. You will only be allowed to keep one shark per day if they are over forty-eight inches. If you are fishing for smaller sharks less than thirty inches then the limit will be two per person.

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