Three Tips for Catching Florida Saltwater Fish

You will need the correct setup when fishing wrecks.  Braided line helps immensely for two reasons.  First it can absorb much more abrasion than monofilament line.  Secondly it does not stretch very much.  When you hook a fish in these areas it will inevitable try to hide in the wreck and cut your line on the wreck.  The stretch of monofilament lines makes this easier for the fish to accomplish.

Head for the Florida Keys

As you travel further south in the state of Florida the fishing will get progressively better.  The true fishing capital of the state is without a doubt the Florida Keys.  The Florida Keys are essentially a one hundred long by about a half mile wide intermittent island. On one side you have the Atlantic Ocean and on the other side you have the Gulf of Mexico.

Many anglers fish the bridges of the keys where they are directly in the middle of the two bodies of water.  You can fish from shore in the Florida Keys with the same success as from a boat because you are essentially on a strip of land in the middle of the water.

Only in the Florida Keys can you in a matter of five minutes move from fishing three foot deep grassy flats to water over 100 feet deep on top of a living coral reef.

There are four main sport fish anglers target in the Florida Keys.

In Key West and the southern keys the bonefish is most common.  You do not find bonefish in the Northern sections of Florida.  Pound for pound this fish is without a doubt the hardest fighting fish known to man.  They are most commonly caught on fly rods while fishing the grassy flats.

Tarpon can be caught throughout the area.  They range in size from ten pound juveniles to large behemoths of over one hundred pounds.  They can be caught on fly or spinning gear.

Barracuda can also be caught throughout the keys and often wander close to shore.  It is not uncommon to see a very large Barracuda in water as shallow as two feet deep.

Dolphin, also called Mahi Mahi, inhabit the deeper sections of water on the Atlantic side of the keys.  It is not uncommon the find a school of hundreds of large fish and catch them for hours in the Florida Keys.

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