Three Shark Fishing Techniques

Surf Fishing – Even though most sharks are caught offshore from a good size fishing boat, you can also surf fish for sharks. If you want the experience of reeling in a shark but don’t want to go hand in hand with one of the larger fish, this may be the best technique for you. Normally, only the smaller sharks are found near the shoreline.

Once you’ve hooked a shark, be careful reeling him in. The type of shark you catch will determine how they take the bait. For example, the Makos will swallow the bait right away and then jump and possibly come crashing towards the boat when hooked. The blue shark usually drags the bait off for a little ways before swallowing it. This information can help you determine whether or not to set the hook right away or wait a few minutes.

Basic Tips for Shark Fishing

Here are a few basic tips that can be used to help make your trip more enjoyable. Sharks can grow to some amazing sizes so your gear should be able to handle the weight. Heavy tackle is a must unless you’re seeking out some of the smaller species near the shore. Normally, a 50 to 80 pound class rod will work very well for offshore fishing. Use 12/0 hooks and 80 to 100 pound test line.

It’s recommended that you use three or four rods at a time and keep the drags loose on all of them. This will help you to know when you’re getting a bite because it will begin to click. It’s also a great idea to fish different distances from the boat with each line. This simply gives you more variety.

Since some of the sharks you’ll encounter will be very large, it’s always a good idea to wear a harness that’s attached to the boat to prevent being dragged from the boat.

Considering the fact that you may be out in the ocean for awhile, it’s always a good idea to take along a few beverages and some snacks. Some personal items that you may want to take along include sunscreen, sunglasses, a jacket and a hat. Always be careful when fishing for sharks. You can expect them to be aggressive and they can whip their tails around in your boat and do lots of damage. Follow all safety rules when shark fishing. This is not the time to be taking unnecessary chances because shark fishing can be very dangerous.

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