Tips for saltwater kayak fishing

You might feel that kayak fishing is a strange idea, mainly when having a thought about the amount of area or the space you need to make a store all your catches. Saltwater kayak fishing is a splendid sport for so many people in many areas. Kayak fishing is gaining more and more momentum among the fishing community.

Anglers find kayaks to be the fun factor to enjoy fishing, away from the crowds and very close to the nature. Kayak fishermen take their kayak when they go for salt water marshes, shallow bays and inlets.

Usually, the kayak saltwater anglers pinpoint their target towards the redfish, flounder, sea trout, black drum, striped bass and snook. Kayak is not the single variety, there are so many kayak and the methods used also differs as per the kind of this fish. You also have to take into consideration of the location where you are going to fish.

Here are some tips:

If your choice is on the East Coast to fish in kayak, the water is warm in the area and kayak advocates usually prefer the kind of kayak which needs you to sit on the top instead of sitting comfortably inside the boat. When you do kayak fishing in this area, they give you quite a large amount to store, for equally both equipment and the big catch.

The stability of the vessel is great and wonderful when compared to the other type.When you move to the northern side, where you can find cool water, kayak fishing is out of the lighter type and they sit inside the designed boats.

There are also some demerits to this kayak fishing, like the cargo space available is extremely limited. So you can use it as a temporary vehicle, when it is between 12 to 16 feet long. And they are usually stored on the roof surface of a surf fishing vehicle.

When you decide to use kayak fishing, you should make a check on the quality of the material used in manufacturing. Take the exact measurement of the weight of the vessel. These types of boats are built with the help of Kevlar, fiberglass and polyethylene plastic, and at times they are reasonably light, weighing from 50 to 60 pounds each.

When you go for the first time saltwater fishing in a kayak, you may want to take the plastic, as this type is the most durable and stands with cracks and scratches. Both the rough handling by the user and nature will not affect the plastic kayaks. When you go for plastic kayaks, they are not so expensive.

Another vital factor to take into consideration when you choose a kayak is to include the standard equipment and the tools that is with the boat. Most kayaks come with deck rigging, both in front and the back of the cockpit. The construction is usually, the zig-zagging shock cord, through which you can shove all the things that fit in the area.

Ensure the availability of paddle clips that hold the paddles, when you do your fishing and the rods when you need to be paddling. The rod holders are very essential for salt water kayak fishing. This will help the anglers inside as they do not have to hold the rods all day through. If you want to make sure, that you can quickly take away the plug for the bilge pipe, when it remains completely secured in between the pumps to drain away the excess water.

The tides in the ocean can change the depth of water up to 6 feet in some of the backwater locations. You have to be aware of the periods and times of the tides when the tides have a change. Be very careful in the tides information, as you may end up getting stranded as the water keeps recedes. When you know  the tide’s nature and feature with their period, you decide your kayak saltwater fishing trip accordingly, so that it will be easier for you to paddle. It is easy to paddle with the tides, and further you will benefit by saving much of your time and the profound energy.

When you keep spending enough time paddling, you can as well as throw a line out when you are heading towards the exact fishing spot. Many of the lures you have will work absolutely and positively, when trolled fast. Even before you get into the spot of saltwater fishing, baits like crank baits, top water baits and the other minnow-type baits are the best source of baits when you are on kayak fishing.

Be safer and wear your personal flotation device. Bright color kayaks can be noticed, to help you. Keep the weather forecast updated. Collect all your valuables in a water proof bag.

With these tips for saltwater kayak fishing, you can enjoy a successful trip any time you go out.

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