Florida Sea Trout Fishing Techniques

The most common Florida sea trout fishing techniques include casting, still-fishing and drifting because these seem to get the best results. Casting gives you the opportunity to get the bait in the strike zone without disturbing the fish and sending them in the opposite direction. Drifting helps you locate the fish easier and still-fishing makes it possible for you to quietly get the bait right in the middle of the school.

Fly-fishing is very popular when seeking out the sea trout in Florida. It’s a technique that is quickly growing in popularity because of all the advantages it offers. When choosing your gear both the spinning and bait-casting reels work very well.


The type of bait you need to use will mainly depend on the size of sea trout you are seeking out. If you want to catch a trophy fish, it’s recommended that you use small live fish. These will get the attention of the sea trout faster than anything else you can use. If size is not really a factor, then live shrimp is an excellent choice. Other baits that can be used include pinfish and mullet.

All of these can be used as dead bait when Florida sea trout fishing as long as you keep them moving with your presentation.

If using live or dead bait is not an option for you, there are several artificial baits that will attract the sea trout. Some of the best artificial baits to use include plugs, buck-tail jigs, silver spoons, gold spoons and plastic tail grubs. Streamer flies and popping bugs are great choices to use when fly fishing. The sea trout is a hunter, meaning they will actively follow or chase their food. Therefore, when you find bait fish the sea trout should be close by.

The sea trout is a strong fish with an elongated body. They have a large mouth, two prominent canine teeth in their upper jaw and a lower jaw that is larger than the upper one. When they strike your line they will do so with a lot of force making it tempting to jerk the line hard to set the hook. However, this is not advised because they do have a soft mouth and it’s easy to pull the hook right through.

There is a deep notch dividing the dorsal fin and they prefer the water temperature to be somewhere around sixty-five to seventy-five degrees. This is an excellent species to seek out and these Florida sea trout fishing techniques will help you make each fishing trip a productive one. Enjoy reeling in those sea trout.

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