Deep Sea Fishing Tactics That Work

In deep sea fishing, trolling and bottom fishing techniques are gaining popularity among the fishermen. The techniques vary according to the regions of fishing. Usually, in the trolling technique, the fishing boat must be at a constant speed with 6 knots. The bait for the fishes used here is a fishing lure, which is generally drawn on a straight line under the water, just below the top level of water. While, in the bottom fishing, the boats are anchored in deep water and hooked charges with lures which are dropped to the depth of the ocean.

Chumming or chunking is used where big pieces of bait fish are thrown overboard in order to appeal the large and big predator fish.Long lining, seining, netting are also the techniques used in deep sea fishing. Seining is otherwise an angling technique, when we are towards catching the large schools or groups of fishes, in a bulk. As the very name specifies, long-lining arrives its name from the working style, where the length of lines are used to catch fishing. This is one of the famous methods of deep sea fishing to make the fishes attract towards the bait.

Generally, the baits are strung out on a long line which is again help up by buoys. Netting technique is used where the nets plays a special roles. The nets are set in the shallow water area around the coasts to catch the fishes.

Live baits are the general bait technique used in the deep sea fishing. The size of the bait fish must be 3 to 6 inches for anchovy, 3 to 9 inches will do for sardines and herring variety, and 12 and more for the mackerels.

The locations where the hook must be placed for the live baits are important:

Hooks at the bottom of the bait makes the bait to swim deeper into the oceanHooks on the top, both before and after the dorsal fin, allows the bait to swim near the surface of the water. Tiny baits are hooked through the nose or the bony collar, behind the gills. Make sure not to apply this technique for fragile baits.

Fishing fetches so much income; it is also one of the well known pastimes in USA. People are ready to spend millions for fishing. The government insists on the safety equipments to be up dated, as the weather condition is not always the same.

With these tips, you can enjoy successful deep sea fishing tactics that really work. Enjoy great fishing success like never before!

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