Connecticut Saltwater Fishing Strategies

Inshore Fishing Strategies

When inshore fishing in Connecticut you have several options. However, jigging and casting are two of the most popular methods used when fishing close to shore. Both of these methods can be done from the shoreline or from a boat, whichever one you prefer. Jigging is very easy to do and extremely effected. The movement of the jig going up and down is what attracts the fish and draws them in your direction. Choosing the right color jig for the type of species will add to your success.

Casting allows you to aim your hook in the direction you want it to go so you can get into places where you think the fish are located. This method works great when fishing around structures, off piers and near the edge of the water where many species hide out. It also makes it easier to fish for species that are frightened easily because you can keep your distance and cast your line to the strike zone where the fish are believed to be. This way, your presence won’t scare them away as quickly.

Other methods used when Connecticut saltwater fishing includes fly fishing, plugging and live-lining. All of these have their benefits so it really is a matter of choosing the method you prefer to use depending on the species you’re fishing for.

Basic Information

Some of the best Connecticut saltwater fishing begins in the later part of April and last throughout the month of November. The biggest stripers can be found along the reefs between the month of May and October. The middle of September is a great time to fish for the false albacore tuna and the porgy and fluke are most abundant in the month of June.

Choosing the right strategies to use is easy if you follow a few simple tips. Start by deciding which species you are interested in reeling in. Learn a few things about that species such as what foods they eat, where they tend to congregate and when they are the most abundant in this area. Next, choose the equipment needed for the type of fishing you want to do and head out for the water.

Take along extra tackle such as hooks, sinkers and even fishing line. It’s very easy to lose these items when saltwater fishing so you need to have extra with you on all of your fishing trips. Only use gear that was designed for the saltwater environment and have lots of patients. With the strategies listed here you’re ready to enjoy all the fun and excitement Connecticut saltwater fishing has to offer.

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