How To Have A Successful Snook Fishing Trip

How to prepare the Snook…

I know, this is a fishing article, not a cooking article but any veteran fisher will realize the importance on how to prepare a fish so you can share stories while enjoying a scrumptious dinner. The golden rule is to never wait to prepare the snook, start gutting it immediately. Chop it up, fillet it, cook it whole, what have you, and just don’t let it sit.

Aged snook is an unpleasant, unappetizing experience no one should have to be victim to. You don’t have to be a renowned chef, just a quick one. The arguably best way to cook is Snook is to smoke it, then enjoying it with some beers. When everything is ready and the dinner plates are set, feel free to treat your friends to a bit of bragging, you earned it.

A quick overview of what we learned…

Alright, it’s time to sum up all the information I crammed into your expanding skulls. The snook’s ancestors were born in the Cretaceous period, infesting the warm waters of the Caribbean and the West Atlantic. They belong to a single genus family, a low taxonomic rank, called Centropomidae. You’ll find them in shallow coastal waters and they travel in schools, you should use strong line and live shrimp or specialized snook lure when hunting the snook. They can reach up to over 4 feet and 50 pounds, causing them to be a tough catch, sometimes.

You should prepare them without waiting and smoke them until well enough cooked.
Serve with beer as they generally go pretty well with it, phew, that was a finger full.

Everything has to end…

Though the snook are tricky to find, the reward and pride they offer vastly outweighs the effort. Don’t expect your first trip to turn out bountiful, even if you used the tips described in this article word for word. Only the Ocean can decide if you’re going to capture anything, and it can be a cruel teacher when it chooses. But once the ocean has mercy on you, you’ll find yourself leaning over a stove and feeling nostalgic while cooking the legendary small game, sharing stories with friends on the adventure you had capturing the evasive, common snook.

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