Five ocean fishing tips

One important tip to remember is to bring a couple of coolers. One for your food and drink and one that is much bigger for the fish you may catch.  Bring along a few lemons and strange as it may sound, sucking on a lemon is a sure fire way to stop sea sickness!  If the idea of lemons doesn’t sound good to you, there are a few over the counter medicines for motion sickness. Take light foods and drink for your trip. Also, make sure you pack sunscreen and sunglasses.

Don’t go home looking like the red snapper that you caught!

Another tip is to dress the part. You will want to have durable gloves, a jacket to keep those cool ocean breezes from getting to you, blue jeans are suitable, and an old short you won’t mind ruining. Your choice of shoes is important. Remember there will be slippery spots on the deck of a boat so wear shoes with gripping tread and that are waterproof.

Another item you’ll want to have on is a specially designed fishing belt. These belts come in handy for keeping your tackle on you instead of in a box that will slide all over the boat. Most bait and tackle shops sell fishing apparel that would be appropriate for deep ocean fishing.

One last tip in planning your deep ocean fishing trip is to decide where you want to go. A lot of deep ocean fishing is popular in the Gulf of Mexico. But whether you would like to go north off the shores of Maine or if you would rather head towards the coasts of Florida, planning your destination will also depend on what kind of fish you are wanting to catch.  A deep ocean fishing trip destination can be planned with the help of the Internet. Go online to find the waters that hold the kind of fish you want to catch and go from there. The destinations for deep ocean fishing are as vast as the ocean itself!

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Daniel Eggertsen
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