Where To Catch Speckled Trout In Alabama

Put Safety First

Many times anglers are so excited about getting out on the water and reeling in those speckled trout that they don’t always think about the dangers that can be involved. For instance, if you are wade-fishing you could easily run across stingrays that you don’t want to have an encounter with. You can normally scare them away by simply shuffling your feet to make noise but you need to stay alert and watch for these creatures.

Jellyfish is another problem that can cause a lot of pain if you get stung by one. Many anglers carry meat tenderizer in their tackle bag so they can place it on the area in the event a jellyfish stings them. However, it’s best to avoid any contact if possible.

In some rare instances you may even encounter a shark when wade-fishing. Most of them are small and can be scared away by waving or poking them with your rod. You can also use the fish that you have caught to lure them away from you so you can get out of the water.

Fishing is very popular in Alabama so you need to make sure you get an early start if you want to get a great spot. However, with all the options available you are sure to find an area where the speckled trout fishing is fantastic. Just remember to stay safe and have fun and each of your Alabama fishing trips will be filled with great memories.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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