North Carolina Speckled Trout Fishing Secrets

Many night fishermen like plastic bait tails or jigs/worms that are double rigged. Some popular colors are white, bright pink, red and chartreuse. However, if you are fishing for speckled trout during a feeding frenzy, these artificial baits may not be your best choice. This is because the trout will complete ignore them in an effort to get to the baitfish and shrimp that are found in the current.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you will have to save the artificial baits for another day and try another tactic. If the bait you are using does not flow with their pattern for feeding, they will not take to it.

Some people also believe that the speckled trout learns to ignore the average bait that it sees again and again each night and go instead for what they know to be food.

So what’s the secret in this situation? It sounds simple but you just switch to a bait that is as close to the natural dinner they are used to having. Instead of your artificial lures, you might try a topwater bait of about 3-1/2 inch or so. A topwater bait will stay on the surface, which is where the trout are currently looking and feeding. It will also blend in with the other natural foods in the water.

You can also gain more trout attention if your topwater bait makes noise, like a rattle, for example. When you try this instead, you should begin to see an increase the number of bites and hooks you are getting. With these tactics and night fishing, you will likely catch some of the biggest and best trout you’ve ever reeled in before.

Remember one of the oldest and wisest North Carolina speckled trout fishing secrets: don’t forget the bug spray. It gets hot in the summer on the Gulf Coast and it’s a prime time for mosquitoes and other biting bugs.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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