Where And How To Catch Speckled Trout In Florida

New Port Richey is another good location in which to fish for Sunshine State specs. There are so many grassbeds, connecting rivers, and shallow flats at New Port Richey that you really have a lot of locations from which to choose. In April and May, Anclote key is a trout haven. It is basically just one big shallow grass flat, and the specs are always present at this time of year. Just look for diving birds and the presence of bait fish, and you will find the specs. Low tide is the best time to fish for them, because high tide finds them scattering and low tide sees them all bunched together.

You can even wade fish very effectively in this area. In fact, lots of the prime low tide fishing areas can not even be reached by boat, so they are a wade angler’s dream. On high tide, try drifting the grass flats near potholes or mangrove growth near the shorelines where you know there are some potholes nearby. Try Berkley Power baits if you are looking for a subsurface use, the weedless Jerk Shad if you are fishing the grass, and if you are looking to fish sand holes, try a Power Mullet on a jighead. If all else fails, try walking the dog type top water plugs.

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