The Most Effective Flounder Fishing Baits


After choosing the right fishing bait the way you present it is the next important thing. No matter how inviting the bait is, it’s not going to attract the flounder if it’s not presented in a way that captures their attention. You also need to use the right hook. The one recommended the most for catching flounder is the circle hook. The reason it’s so special is because when the flounder attempts to swallow the bait the hook usually pulls out of the bait and hooks itself in the corner of the mouth.

Now that you know the flounder is lying on the bottom of the ocean floor waiting for something interesting to swim by, you know this is where your bait needs to be. Use a method that gets the bait down on the bottom and one that allows you to move it along the bottom in a way that entices the flounder to strike. When you do get a bite it’s best to wait until the flounder starts to swallow the bait before trying to set the hook. If you do this the hook will basically set itself. If you jerk too soon the flounder will let go of the bait and you will lose your catch.

When fishing for flounder you don’t need to move your bait around too much as long it is close to the bottom where the flounder is lying in wait. You do need to make sure the bait you use is always fresh or they will ignore it. Another thing to remember is that if you handle the bait with your bare hands, the flounder will smell your scent and avoid the bait altogether.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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