Redfish Lures That Work Like Crazy

The redfish or red drum is a popular saltwater species that is widely sought after by anglers of all ages. The redfish has a bronzed and reddish color with at least one dark spot, if not more, located at the base of its tail.

They have a sloped head with a rounded beak and a white belly. The average weight for a full grown redfish is forty pounds but they have been known to grow much larger.

The redfish can be found in shallow water, gassy areas and other areas with structures that give the fish a place to hide and that also provides cover for the food they eat. When fishing for the redfish around grass beds they can put up quite a challenge so make sure you are prepared.

Redfish feed off of crustaceans, shrimp, crabs, pinfish, mollusks and other smaller fish. If you want to be successful at catching redfish you need some good fishing lures that really work and fortunately, there are several available that will get the job done.

Best Redfish Fishing Lures

When the redfish are feeding they will strike at almost anything but some lures work better than others for getting their attention. Finding the best lures to use is the first step in being a successful redfish angler. Once you have their attention you will be reeling in the redfish.

Below are the top four redfish lures available:

Spoons – The gold or silver spoons tend to work the best for redfish. The bright flashy colors capture their attention and draw them into your direction. Use a slow moving technique when fishing with spoons for the best results and you can attach a swivel to slow down the twisting action on retrieval.

Plastic Jigs – There are many different types of jigs available but the bucktail seems to be the favorite because many of them resemble crabs and shrimp. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from but the bright colors seem to work the best.

Crankbaits – Crankbaits and stick baits are good lures to use when fishing for redfish.

Spinnerbaits – The spinner bait is good to use when fishing in grass beds and around docks and other structures. They work great for catching redfish but they can be a little difficult to use in a strong current.

These are all great redfish lures that work like crazy. It is always a good idea to experiment with different ones to find out which lures work the best in different situations.

It is also vital that you learn how to present the lure of your choice correctly. When presented correctly the redfish will be more attracted to the lure and it will increase the number of bites that you receive.

Redfish Tips

Catching redfish is filled with fun and excitement. They are truly an amazing species that are becoming quite popular with all types of anglers. It is recommended that you learn as much as you can about the redfish and their habitat because this will help you to be more successful. This type of information will help you know where to search for the redfish and what foods they are most attracted to.

Keep in mind that redfish are very sensitive and will spook easily. Therefore, it is vital that you are quiet when fishing for this species or you will scare them off. One way to spot the redfish before you get right up on them is by being observant and looking for clues that leads you to their location. Watch for the water moving slightly without any known reason and for places where the baitfish are gathering together.

When fishing for redfish it is important to have the right gear. The redfish is a very challenging species and even a small fish will put up a big struggle. If your gear is weak or not designed for a strong catch, then it can break with the struggle and cause you to lose the fish. It is also a good idea to have extra gear just in case of an emergency. This will help you avoid having to go home early and allow you to stay on the water until you are actually ready to leave.

One of the best times to go redfish fishing is during high tide. During this time look for the fish in coves, on points and around the mouths of the smaller bayous. Other times they are in and around shallow waters. The redfish normally spawn between August and November so this is always a great time to go redfish fishing. Now that you are armed with information that can help you be more successful, it’s time to gather together your lures and other equipment and set out for an exciting adventure that you will be talking about for a long time to come.

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