Halibut Fishing Tackle Guide

When you feel the halibut take the bait, tilt and lift up on the tip while keeping the tension tight the whole time you are reeling in the halibut. Have a net or gaff ready to help you pull the fish into the boat once you get him to the surface. It would be too difficult to try and reel one of these fish all the way into the boat so a net or gaff will be a necessary part of your gear.

The halibut will give you a workout and even getting them into your boat can be a struggle so you must have the gear to make this process easier. They are a very smart and aggressive species of fish so you need to make sure you are prepared with the right gear before you go out if you want to be successful.

Halibut Tips

After getting your tackle together the next step is knowing where and when to go halibut fishing. The best time is in the early spring because they will begin to move inshore where the baitfish is more plentiful. This time of year you can find the halibut along the beaches or deep in the ocean making it even easier to find them. Later in the year they will begin to move out to deeper water again.

When the wind is high and creating swells it can greatly hinder your fishing experience. Therefore, it is necessary to find out what the weather will be like before you head out to make sure it will be good enough for you to have a good trip. Remember to stay close to bottom when fishing for halibut because this is where they will be the most abundant. Around an hour before and after the out going tide is the best time to fish for halibut.

Where you choose to go fishing partly depends on your reason for fishing for halibut. For example, if you are fishing for food many anglers agree that the halibut caught in the deeper waters taste the best. However, if you are fishing for sport or for a trophy fish these can be found in most any depth.

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