Atlantic Ocean Fishing – Common Game Fish And Recommended Baits

The Permit is a much larger cousin of the Pompano.  They look very much alike, much like a Walleye and a Perch are cousins.  Permit are tackle testers, only the best equipment and skilled angler is able to land a large member of this species.

The Shark is perhaps the one fish in the Atlantic that attracts more attention than any other and rightfully so.  There are many different types of sharks you can catch in the Atlantic.  The most commonly caught shark is the Blacktip Shark which can be anywhere from two to six feet long.  This is a very active shark that will give you a test if you do not have tackle that is too heavy.

Shark fishing is a much different type of fishing.  Chumming is the first order of business when you are shark fishing, either from shore or a boat.  If there are sharks in an area a good chum slick will almost always bring them your way with a half hour or sooner.  When fishing for large sharks like Hammerheads or Bull Sharks you must have heavy equipment.  A braided steel wire leader is a must as is a stout rod than holds several hundred yards of line.  For bait you can use just about anything you can cast out.  My favorite technique is to catch a jack of about ten pound and cut it into three equal size portions.  Fish like Jacks and Mackerel make excellent bait due to the smelly oils that permeate their bodies.  It is simply a matter of casting the bait out and waiting for the fight of your life when it is grabbed.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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